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Food Lover’s Marketplace is all about creating a community of buyers & food producers. We connect people who are home cooks, small retailers and artisan producers with people who enjoy supporting small entrepreneurs.

My name is Pemmie Sheasby and I am the founder of Food Lovers Marketplace. I love food that has been created with passion, quality ingredients, and tastes good. This e-commerce site was founded through a desire to help small food businesses grow and navigate the complexities of this extremely competitive industry. I know first hand the challenges of owning a retail food store, importing, responsible labeling, selling online, as well as introducing products to the local consumer. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams by supporting their endeavors. Our merchants put huge amounts of care and attention in bringing you the most delicious food and drink and exceptional gifts. Our vendors are individuals, artisan producers, and small to medium sized businesses that you would not typically find in your local grocery store. We're adding more merchants and products all the time so come back regularly to see what's new, and please let us know of a fantastic food or drink producer or a merchant you’d like to see on our site. Please send their information to us at

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Users may register for site using their email and password combination from Facebook or Google.

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Each seller has provided identification and relevant food licensing requirements .

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Buyers can view the items, description, and price of products. Browse ratings and read reviews.

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Payment occurs through a third party processor. A secure SSL payment gateway protects sensitive information.

Support Small Independent Food Businesses

Join our food lovers marketplace and help small entrepreneurs realize their dreams !

Shop for food and food related items from creative entrepreneurs in your local area. This easy to use e-commerce site allows multiple products in one place, communications with sellers, and easy purchasing.